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men" with a fugitive thief who became known as the barefoot bandit. his real name is colton harris-moore. he started off as a small time juvenile delinquent stealing food from neighbors out of necessity. he soon developed a taste for the finer things and bigger crimes. then he stole fancy cars, even airplanes covering a lot of ground before police finally caught up with him. ted rowlands reports. >> reporter: these are the famous feet of the barefoot bandit. his incredible game of catch me if you can came to an end in the bahamas after more than two years on the run. the saga of the barefoot bandit started here in the pacific northwest in the island communities north of seattle. it's where colton harris-moore learned how to steal and to run from the law. colton moore grew up on beautiful camano island, a popular summer vacation spot. but according to child welfare reports, life at home in this trailer for colton was anything but a vacation. jackson holtz is a reporter at "the herald" in everett, washington and author of the book "fly, colton fly". >> colton had to go fend for himse
california. david colton was an associate stealing from the other associate. when he died, associates figured out figured out embezzled. they went to his widow. in doing this, they also found out that because the books were so cooked, it was very easy for employees to steal from them. they found that their bookkeeper sold $600,000. so there's all kinds of corruption up and down. by and large, the associates themselves came to dislike each other, but they stuck together all the time. stanford is one of them. and huntington is corrupt, but he's also funny, to i would hesitate to go up against them. it doesn't mean you're going to lose the fight in a probably not going to win it in to wish you were never in the fight to begin with. is a very formidable government. >> the questioner asked about robert aarons do is put into common circulation by matthew joseph and relevant as they extreme antibusiness sentiment of that decade. i want to go through a list on ask a question about the robert pear and interpretation of this. i'm quoting your characterization. ec thomas durrant was a bassoon. tommy sie
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)